Who is behind this website?

A paranoid prepper, conspiracy theorist, weapons freak or just an ordinary citizens like you?

I am Maximus, an expert survivalist, who along with a great team, runs this website. I spend a lot of time in the woods bugging out and also coach and help other people learn about real Survival, Bushcraft and Hunting.

Preppers come from different social classes and occupational groups, there are people who do not trust the system and individually prepare for various disasters. Everyone decides for itself how much time and money is invested in it. BestBugOutBagz offers the best advice for everyone. 

The ultimate goal of BestBugOutBagz is to give people solutions and strategies to survive all dangerous situations. I treat survival not as a hobby what we see on TV but as a skill which is required whenever you are in the woods or in the desert.

In the times we live in, every moment our life is full of risk! Although there is no atomic explosion or tsunami happening everyday, your life could be at risk in the home, at work, in the car, in the city and in the street. 

Never take for granted that if so far everything went well, then it will always good. Because unfortunately there will surely be at least a dangerous time in your life when your life or the life of someone close to you will be at risk. But if you’re prepared you can avoid the worst and maybe save your life.

Our aim is to do just that! To Provide everyone a valid strategy to survive each hazardous event and stay safe.