Book of Eli Bug Out Bag + How to Build It

Unlike other Bug Out Bags, this BoB is designed not just to bring you back home, but to help you evacuate and survive in a post-apocalyptic world. For all urban survivalists (and there are many!), this is probably the first major purchase that will form the budget.

  • So what do you need to pack and load to build the perfect Bug Out Bag for a Post-Apocalyptic World?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What do you need to keep in mind before prepping up for Apocalypse?

I will be answering all of these questions here.

Well, for starters, the Bug Out Bag is the most complete survival kit that you can easily transport and walk a long enough distance to keep you alive for up to a minimum of 72 hours. That’s the definition. It is extremely helpful for beginners.

book of eli backpack

Denzel Washington’s Gear in Book Of Eli 

#1 Oakley Men’s Mechanism Backpack (FREE SHIPPING)

The backpack that was used by Denzel Washington in Book of Eli was Oakley Panel Backpack. But since it has been discontinued, we will make use of the newer version – Oakley Men’s Mechanism Backpack.

Colors Available –

  • Black
  • Shadow
  • Olive Camo
  • Worn Olive


I will recommend you to get the Black or Shadow color since it is similar to Denzel Washington’s pack and perfect for a post-apocalyptic scenario.

#2 Oakley Plaintiff Squared OO4063 Iridium Aviator Sunglasses


#3 Schrade SCHKM1 Large Full Tang Fixed Blade Kukri Machete

Book of Eli Bug Out Bag – Planning + Budget

book of eli denzel washington sword

Well do not get startled here. Investing a good amount in all of your bug out gear is essential for your survival. Your life is more precious than anything else!

Don’t get too extravagant or too frugal, stay in your limits and prep according to your budget. Always. 

If you start from absolutely zero gear, plan to spend something between $200-$600 on this bug out bag. Yes, we will not mess with the basic and vital equipment, you will see in the rest of the article.

The advantage is that it is possible (even better!) to make this pack yourself and better distribute the expenses over a longer period of time.

What Should You Look for in a Post-Apocalyptic Bug Out Bag?


Well it depends on your needs. In general, we speak of a good quality backpack large enough to contain all bug out gear. It should also be strong enough not to explode, discreet enough to hide, but not in military colors to shout “Look, I’m a survivalist and my bag is full of useful survival material! “. But that, depends on you.

Mine is Black since it is the best color that doesn’t garner any attention, especially, in an urban situation. One of my wife’s bug out bag is faded gray. Some will be black, green, brown, but in general, never use flashy or neon colors, reflectors or too obvious prints (such as zebra), just to stay low-key and go unnoticed. The idea is to not get noticed when travelling between Point A (home) and Point B (the place of evacuation).

If you want reflectors, perfect, but carry at least some non-reflective tape to hide in high-risk areas/regions.

Back to basics, the target is to keep you alive for a minimum of 72 hours. The most basic needs are air, water, food, shelter and clothing . A good BOB must be able to meet these needs for at least 3 days, without weighing more than a certain percentage of your weight.

Why Ready Made Bug Out Packs are not Suitable?

bug out bag foods

In fact, many websites will offer youThe Ready Made Bug-Out-Bagor any other backpack, but this is absolutely false marketing for the modest sum of $ 199 for the basic kit, $279 for the intermediate kit and $ 399 for the complete kit.

You get the idea? It is often correct, and generally, these sites are run by survivalists who know the equipment they sell.

In general, the vital items are of good quality, but the basic items are rather poor in terms of sustainability. The best thing is to do it yourself. You can target your personal needs, choose the container and contents to better adapt it to your situation.

And it is easier, as I said earlier, spend that amount over several months rather than once.

How much should your Book of Eli Pack Weigh?

book of eli

And yes, there is also a general guide for that. Several sites talk about 25-30% of your weight. I beg to differ. If you are quite heavy and not at all fit, you will opt for 20% or less. If you are rather small, but muscular, athletic and accustomed to physical exertion, 30-35% is acceptable.

You will have to judge the weight of each object you add them to try to minimize the final weight, and look for lighter and more versatile alternatives.

Now we move onto the core of the subject.